54/55. Tigers / Tigres — One Of A Kind / Único en su Especie

Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur, and each patter is as unique as a fingerprint. The colour of the stripes can vary based on the species of tiger, but they tend to be a brownish-black colour. A tiger can have more than 100 stripes on its fur, and uses them as camouflage to […]

24/55. Dolphins / Delfines — Mirror, Mirror On The Wall / Espejito, Espejito Mágico

Dolphins are intelligent, like us.

Los delfines son inteligentes, como nosotros.

28/55. Faster, Higher, Stronger — Más Rápido, Más Alto, Más Fuerte

The puma and the leopard are the highest jumping mammals, able to reach a height of 16.5 feet (5 meters). But they have nothing to do against the real jumping champion: the flea. For their size, they are longest and highest jumpers of all animals. Fleas can jump 220 times their own body length and […]

51/55. Spiders / Arañas — I Spy With My Little Eye(s) / Veo Veo…

Why do spiders have 8 eyes?

¿Por qué tienen las arañas 8 ojos?

48/55. Sharks / Tiburones — (Worst) Mama Of The Year / La (Peor) Madre Del Año

When baby sharks are born, they swim away from their mothers right away and are on their own. Actually, their mothers might see them as potential prey and eat them. A shark can be born three different ways, including live birth, hatching from an egg, and an egg-and-live-birth combination. Plus, in some shark species, you […]